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Aldi Gluten Free Nut Roast

Day 9 Of Blogmas

A product Review of Aldi’s Gluten free Beetroot and Somerset Brie Nut Roast.

I purchased this product with my own money and am in no way affiliated with Aldi or the brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone.

Whilst doing my weekly food shop in Aldi, I was mooching through the vegetarian frozen section and low and behold I came across this nut roast!

At first when I picked it up I didn’t notice the gluten free sticker, but once I had I was so excited.

Finally, have Aldi got something decent for vegetarian Coeliacs to eat at Christmas?

I decided to buy the roast and try it before Christmas.

When I got the product home I was surprised to find that there isn’t 1 but 2 individually wrapped nut roasts in the packet.

I thought this was a little bit unusual, but in someway quite useful. I mean who eats a whole entire nut roast to themselves? So having individual items seems quite a handy idea.

However if you have a large family of vegetarians that will all be eating the same nut roast you will need more than one box!

There are two types of nut roast you can choose from, a beetroot, brie and cranberry roast or a Quinoa & Cheddar with a red onion marmalade centre.

As I’m looking specifically for a Christmas roast I thought the cranberry one sounded the best, so that was the one I chose.

Over all I was impressed, the taste was nice but not over whelming.

After cooking the roast, it did appear to shrink down in size, as many foods do when cooked.

Another issue I noticed was that there wasn’t actually much substance to it. Even though the flavour was nice, I expect my nut roasts to have some bite and chew to them. This has very little. It is actually quite soft and not very substantial.

Overall, for the price, it is a good product.

Each box retails for £3.49 which is a fantastic price.

I love Aldi and the majority of their products and I’m so happy that they are finally trying to broaden their range and include gluten free products. However, I think though that perhaps these roasts would be better as an accompanying food to a dish.

I don’t think they would work well for your main Christmas dinner.

If you fancy giving these nut roasts a try for yourself, you can pick them up in Aldi stores now.

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