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What is the #T3 Campaign?

All across the UK, Thyroid patients are being denied valuable and life-saving medications.

Natural Desiccated Thyroid or NDT as it is more commonly known amongst Thyroid patients, is somewhat known as the best alternative option for Synthroid or synthetic thyroid such as Levothyroxine. Liothyronine the T3 component of thyroid hormone, and NDT used to be available in the UK on prescription for the treatment of hypothyroidism. However, liothyronine has since been described as:

(T3) has been listed due to it being an item under the category, “Items which are clinically effective but where more cost-effective products are available, including products that have been subject to excessive price inflation’

In England, NDT, nor T3 separately are not widely prescribed on the NHS, which forces many thyroid patients to do their own research and go down the possibly risky path of buying their own drugs from abroad.

Both NDT & Liothyronin used to be prescribed on the NHS for Thyroid patients. However, when the pharmaceutical companies developed Synthetic thyroid, it appeared that this was a cheaper, but not a more effective way of managing underactive thyroid. Liothyronine has since been made so expensive by profiting big pharma, that it is no longer ‘affordable’ for the NHS.

All the time thyroid patients, like myself, are told that Levothyroxine is the ‘Miracle, One a day Pill‘ that will get rid of all our symptoms and change our lives!

Sadly though, for many of us, this is not the case.

For those of you who aren’t sure about Thyroid hormones and how they work, here is a little breakdown.

  • Levothyroxine contains only T4 hormone.
  • Natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) contains T3 and T4 and is usually made from bovine or porcine thyroid.
  • Liothyronine is the T3 component.

When a person takes the T4 hormone, the body should naturally convert the hormone into T3, the active component. However many thyroid patients, myself included, do not convert. This means that when we take T4 (levothyroxine) we are basically just stockpiling this hormone and not doing anything with it.

This is why thousands of thyroid patients never get better taking levothyroxine alone.

There are 2 ways we can get the T4 and T3 tablets. One is by taking NDT like I do. Or to take levothyroxine as prescribed, and source T3 (liothyronine) separately.

Thyroid UK has been actively campaigning to get T3 put back until the prescribing journal for Doctors. I urge anyone reading this start using the #T3Campaign, write a letter to your MP, or buy a car sticker. Get involved any way you can!

t3 campaign

I decided in January of this year to take the plunge and buy my NDT. Unfortunately, I am in one of the primary care trust areas that do not prescribe NDT on the NHS. I wrote a letter to my endocrinologist and pretty much begged her to give me a prescription on a ‘named patient basis‘, and although I wasn’t shot down in flames completely, I was rejected. She told me that she was still prepared to support me and monitor me, but she was unable to prescribe it. So that forced my hand and I took the plunge and did my research.

There are so many different types of NDT, which should I pick? Naturethroid, Armour, WP Thyroid…the list goes on!


Many of these NDT options, despite being available online, still require a private prescription. I couldn’t get one of these, and frankly, the stubborn person in me thinks that as someone who gets free NHS prescriptions because of my medical history, why should thyroid patients have to pay for their own private prescriptions, just because the standard NHS medication doesn’t allow us to choose our own!

It’s infuriating. Anyway, I bit the bullet and found a brand in Thailand that provided a brand of NDT that I could buy WITHOUT a prescription. I went through so many questions in my head.

1. What if the brand didn’t work as well as the others?

2. What if it wasn’t safe?

3. How did I know what fillers were in it?

Eventually, after asking myself all these questions, I figured, sod it, and I bought them.

I opted for their brand of T.R Man Thyroid. The reason I chose this brand over others, was because it was a sugar-coated tablet, and not powder, which apparently is better for people who have absorbency issues (probably one of the reasons my powder coated Levothyroxine never worked!). It is also 100% Gluten Free, which is even better because I have Coeliac disease. Bonus!

I have included the link to buy this NDT and others Here

I started taking 1 grain of my NDT in January of this year. To be honest, even though I heard fantastic reviews of NDT from Thyroid friends on Facebook, I was still a little wary because nothing in my thyroid journey has gone smoothly. Anyway, I had 2 blood tests done before I had a review with my Endocrinologist. I was amazed! After 2 long years post-thyroidectomy, my TSH, T4, and T3 levels had been up and down like a f***in Yo-Yo!

Then suddenly, within 2 months of starting NDT, my levels had gone down from 17.75 to within range!

Seriously! Two months of this tablet compared to two years on Levo and my levels are within range! Amazing!

I’ve also seen others have these fantastic results from NDT and I would love to hear your stories about your journey with NDT.

I have now been on NDT around 12 months, and within 6 months I was dismissed from my endocrinologist and told I could just continue my routine blood through my GP. This was due to my levels remaining stable.

Is this the miracle drug that thyroid patients are needing?

As part of the campaign please please please sign this petition. The more people that sign the more likely we will get heard!

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