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Quell Pain Relief Review

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “

I am so excited to be given this opportunity. As part of being a member a Chronic Illness Bloggers, I have been allowed to review The Quell Pain Relief Device! Yay!

What Is Quell?

The Quell Device in its band 

Quell is a 100% drug-free device that is worn on the leg just below the knee.

For my review, I was sent the starter package. This comes with the main Quell device, an adjustable sports band (used for wearing the device), a month’s supply of electrodes (2 electrode strips) and a charger.

Quell Box & Packaging – I really like the box! I get excited about a good box!

Electrode Packaging 

One of the electrodes

What Does It Do?

The Quells electrodes, are attached to the leg via the wearable sports band. They will start to tingle, prickle and pulse (which is by no means painful). This apparently stimulates the nerves in the leg and this is supposed to provide pain relief across the entire body!

The device is worn around your calf, about two inches below the knee. I prefer to wear mine on my left leg, but it can be worn on whichever you prefer. You only need one device, not one on each leg.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking, how on earth can a device, that I wear on my leg, help pain across the whole of my body. For the full science on this, you can have a look at the video here.

It is designed for people with chronic pain such as low back pain, arthritis and joint pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain, and widespread pain.

I was really excited to start trialling this product, especially because I have seen a LOT of really positive reviews. Many people have said they have felt relief within 15 mins, others it can take a few therapy sessions.

The device can be started manually or via the app. My review will be based on the app only use, because that is how I know how to work it. You do not need to have the app to get the device to work.

When you first turn the device on and have attached your electrodes, you need to calibrate it. This is done really easily through the app. You go to the settings section and calibrate. The device will start to tingle intermittently and all you need to do is hit the button on your screen when you feel it. The device will then work out a suitable level of therapy for you.

Easy peasy.

Me wearing my device at work under my sexy dental scrubs!

The Quell will give you a one-hour therapy session, and then automatically turn off. It will then restart on one hourly basis’ unless you activate it manually. Apparently, this hour basis is part of the science behind Quell. Quell works by activating your body’s own natural painkillers, by stimulating the nerves in the body and releasing natural opioids – hence the pain relief!

According to Quell you can wear the device for 24 hours a day if you wish, and have as many sessions as you need. The pain relief should last up to 60 minutes after each therapy session.

You can also use it if pregnant, but not if you have anything in your body, like a pacemaker or an implanted device without consulting a Doctor.

Whilst Quell works the same as a TENS machine, it is the only device that is approved to wear 24/7 including sleep. It is also the only device that claims to provide ALL over body relief rather than just for specific acute areas.

Anyway, enough of the science and the boring bits….

When I first set up my Quell, I found it really easy to get working and not uncomfortable to wear. Calibrating was also really simple with the app. However, I did find that my ‘recommended therapy setting’ based on calibration seemed to be a bit low (10.5) so I found that I preferred to increase my setting manually to around 16.0 – 17.5 depending on my pain.

The things I like about the device

Despite it being a wearable device and not the smallest item, it is easy to wear it discreetly below trousers. The lights on the device can also be turned off for optimum Ninja Mode!

I love the app! I am such a techie freak, if I buy anything and it doesn’t have a corresponding app, I’m not interested! Everything to do with the device can be tracked. Your sleep, your activity, and even down to how many times you sleep on your left or right side. It also shows you how restless your legs are during sleep. I am a really rough sleeper and have been known to kick and flail around, I have also bruised my other half! So I really like the fact I  can see how often I am tossing and turning in my sleep.

The Quell app where you can track all your therapy sessions

I did find a number of issues with my use of the product….

For the first couple of days, I decided to wear it only in the evening (when I was home from work). This was partly because I found that the one day I did wear it at work, the electrodes were constantly getting slippy and detaching themselves from the device. At work, this became a problem. I didn’t want to ruin the electrodes and hadn’t taken the protective back to work with me, so I was constantly having to nip off to reattach the strips.

After a few days, I realised I had been sent two different electrode types, Normal and Sport. The sports electrodes definitely seemed to stick better and lasted most of the day without coming loose.

Another issue I came across was at night. The first night I slept in it, I woke up in the morning, the electrodes were still attached to my leg (partially) the band was halfway up my leg and the actual Quell device was lying loose in my bed. It seems to me that it would be better if there was some sort of strap that held the device in the band for sleeping, as currently, it is more like a pocket that the device just sits in.

I also realised during one of the occasions that the device had come loose from the electrodes (they are only attached to the device via pop buttons. You can see from the below picture that one of the buttons, sits directly behind one of the sticky electrodes! This makes it impossible to pop the electrode onto the device without physically touching the sticky pad, and therefore starts ‘ruining’ the pad a lot quicker than it should do. The electrodes should last around 2 weeks, but I think they will last a lot less if they have to be touched to attach the device.

The sticky pad sits directly behind one of the poppers used to attach the device to the electrode

On writing this post, I have been wearing the device now for around 2 weeks. I will be completely honest with you, as much as I would love to say that it has been a miracle relief for me, I haven’t noticed a dramatic difference in my pain levels.

I am somewhat disappointed in this, especially due to the fantastic reviews I have seen from other bloggers and users. There has been a slight difference, I think, but nothing that springs out as being a marked improvement.

I gave the device to my Mum, who also suffers from pain, especially back pain and shoulder pain. She suffers from Ankylosing Spondilitis and osteoarthritis. Within 10/15 mins of wearing the device, she said that she felt a huge improvement!
She was really impressed, despite being sceptical of the device to start with. If it hadn’t been for the cost of the device, even said she would have bought one for herself! –

This shows that the device is really subjective and the level of pain relief really varies from person to person.

Quell do state on their website that whilst some people get relief within 15 minutes, for others it can take ‘several’ weeks to feel any relief. Due to this, I will do an updated version of this blog in another month or so and see if I am one of the people that needs longer.

What’s the cost?

Unfortunately, there is quite a large investment involved if you want to purchase a Quell. The starter pack costs $249.00 or around £184.00 in the UK. For most people, especially if you’re a chronic pain sufferer (their target market) that may not be able to work full-time, or at all, is a huge amount of money to pay upfront. The company do, however, offer a 60-day money back guarantee, which means if the device does not work for you, you can get a refund.

If the device works for you, like it has for so many other bloggers then you may be willing to pay this amount, just so you can get the pain relief. I know many of us spoonies will do anything to make the pain go away.

There is also an ongoing cost involved with having the device. As previously mentioned, the electrodes only last on average around 2 weeks. Each new electrode kit (a one-month supply) costs another $29.95 or $28.45 if you subscribe and save.

Again, £30 is a lot of money, but if the device works better for you than it has (currently) for me, then I suppose the cost is worth it, for the relief you get, and the ability to live a slightly more pain-free life. You can’t really put a price on that!

Hopefully, one day we will all be pain free!

Scores on The Doors!

Overall, I will give the Quell Device, a 5 / 10 score. The reason I give this is that I want to try it a little longer and do an updated review. I think that unfortunately for me, which is not the products fault, I am one of the small percentage of people that may need longer to feel relief.

I will update you in a few weeks with a further review and post and give my final score then.

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