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My best friend

Having a relationship, that makes you forget your pain.

A few nights ago, I was lying in bed with my significant other. I was in pain. I had been struck down with a viral infection, and feeling pretty lousy. As many spoonies know, when we get a slight cold it really knocks us on our arses, for longer than it should! I turned to my partner of 7.5 years and said ‘oh god, my head hurts’…To which his response was ‘What syndrome is it now?, Do you have headyachey myalgia or heady fally offy syndrome?

I looked at him for a brief second and burst out laughing. He started laughing as well and that was it then. I couldn’t stop. For a few minutes, I had forgotten about my head pain, and my ankle pain and all I could think about was remembering how to breathe again.

When I finally managed to stop laughing and calmed down a bit, I said to him, why were you taking the piss out of me being sick? His reply was “I understand you’re not well hunny, but sometimes you just have to laugh about some of the things.”

It was then, in that moment I realised what it must be like. I do say that I hurt a lot, or that I’ve got X & Y wrong with me. Although I can’t help it, it must sound a bit repetitive to him. I’m very lucky with my partner though. Even though he REALLY annoys me sometimes, he does have his good qualities. One of them being, he really makes me laugh!

Now, don’t get me wrong, he does take the piss sometimes out of my illness, but only in a loving way. He does it purely to make me laugh. That by no means makes him any less caring. Having a good support system, whether that be a partner or a parent, is vitally important for people who suffer from chronic illnesses. He doesn’t always understand everything, but he tries. Which is all I can ask really.

He will do his best to understand what my problems are. So this is one of his new things to cheer me up.

If I mention I have a tummy ache or my legs hurt, he will retort with a quip of some sort normally something along the lines of “which syndrome is this time?” And then smile and laugh. Now I know some of you may think, well that doesn’t sound very nice but you have to understand that we have a very jokey playful relationship, and are constantly taking the piss out of each other, or winding each other up. So this is just his way of making me laugh and I can assure you there is no malice involved. So I’m really writing this post as a thank you. To my best friend, and my partner and fiance. That despite your faults (and you have a few! 😂) that I know it’s not ideal having a girlfriend who is sick but thank you for being supportive and staying by my side!

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