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Does Homeopathy & Natural Medicine work?

Does Homeopathy Work?

I have now given up with standard medication, to be honest. I still take my levothyroxine don’t get me wrong because I know how dangerous it would be for me to stop taking my medications. However! … Since November 2014, I have had my thyroid totally removed, and my gallbladder removed,  frankly, I don’t feel like having any more body parts removed!!!

It seems to me that the GPs and hospitals only treat the problem, not the cause. I have all these unanswered questions.
Why couldn’t my thyroid levels be settled with Carbimazole when I was hyper?
Why did I have a stupid amount of gall stones?
Why did I put on weight when I was hyper and not lose weight?
Why do I still feel awful?
Why do I keep having all these different symptoms and no one just giving me a reason as to why I feel like this?
Is it just the graves messing up my body or is something else at play?
As you can see I have all these unanswered questions and I’m sick of it.
So, after speaking with a family member who is very into alternative medicines, I agreed to see a homeopath and kinesiologist. I have to admit I was skeptical, to say the least.
However, I decided to go. My family has been amazing by the way because these homeopathy people are NOT cheap. But like me, my family want me better so they paid for my consultation.
For my visitation, I was told to take two urine samples and all my current medications. Not just a list. I had a carrier bag of pills, the lady couldn’t believe how many tablets for various things I was taking.
During the consultation, I told the woman all my previous medical histories, and then we started.
I was asked to sit on a chair and put my leg up on a pillow. Then she poked my toes with a metal rod that was hooked up to a machine. When the rod touched my toe it made a high pitched buzzing noise. She then proceeded to put various glass vials into the machine and continued to poke my toes!!!!  My skepticism had NOT worn off.
Anyway, this machine apparently can test to see what bugs/bacteria bad things are in your body. I was told I had a bacteria in my pituitary gland, my liver was toxic, my GI system was over run with Candida, I had the Helicobacter bug in my gut, and I had a lot of metal toxicity.
Basically, I was falling apart.
Now I will admit, part of me was still thinking:
I’ve just given a full medical history to this woman, she could be making this up … How would I know any different?
That was until she told me I had bacteria in my teeth. I am training to be the dental nurse and had recently had some work done. I was told I had a bacteria that causes caries in my molar tooth but hadn’t got round to getting it filled. This made me reconsider my position on the process. I HADN’T told this woman I needed a filling because I didn’t think it was relevant. So how did she know?
Obviously, the toe poker machine did work!
I was also told I had a gluten intolerance and should avoid gluten. I bought the supplements, all natural, and went home.
I was told to take magnesium, olive capsules, hepatic tonics, vitamin c powder and some other drops.

By Edzard Ernst
It is 3 weeks since I went and I have to admit I do feel an awful lot better. I wouldn’t go so far to say I feel a 100% better because I would be lying. But there is a marked improvement.
Yesterday was a Saturday, I work every Saturday morning, so my normal routine consists of work, and coming home and having a nap because I’m so tired. My Saturdays are wasted. Yesterday, however, I came home from work, and went straight out with my other half and was out all day. I didn’t feel tired in the slightest and didn’t go to bed till 2 am. Now that is probably a normal Saturday for most people, but for me, it’s unheard of.
I’ve stopped taking my lansoprazole for my GI problems, I’ve stopped taking my Sertraline for anxiety and OCD, and have replaced this with magnesium supplements. I haven’t had any attacks of anxiety or OCD.
It’s still really early days, but I do feel a lot better. I hope this carries on and I will keep you posted about it! If any one else has any thoughts on natural alternatives I would love to hear from you!

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