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Coping with Anxiety – A Guest Post from Melisa

What is anxiety?

If you have troubles sleeping, eating, if you are being in a state of constant worries seeing no way out – this is an anxiety you feel.

Problems at work, in personal life or with relatives/friends can be the reasons why. There is a way out and not even one. Let us look closer at these ways to be able to apply them next time feeling an anxiety.
So, relax. This is the first way out but it does not mean sitting in front of a computer`s monitor or TV-set. Moreover, you might watch something, which can make the situation even worse. Other things you could think of when you read relaxation word are smoking, drinking, taking drugs. False. This way out is wrong because it is temporarily and remember of hangover afterwards so, yeah… Relaxation though, means doing meditation, yoga or any other breathing technique.
Secondly, you need to get enough of sleep, no skipping meals and do exercises. Do not oversleep, overeat or over exercise because that is no good either. Just do it regularly. 30 minutes a day is enough and better than 3 hours at weekend. Attending a dancing studio several times a week is a good idea. Eat healthy, which means vegetables, fruit, cereal, soups, meat and fish lots of water and do it up to 5 times in small portions. As for oversleeping, you will feel yourself rather weak and slow instead of fresh and quick.
Communication is important and it does not mean that social networks count. Live communication that is. Go out, have a picnic or just a walk on a fresh air. To go somewhere in the park would be just perfect. In addition, you will have a chance to talk with people you care about of your worries and they would be able to help you with a good piece of an advice. Isolation makes it to where things get worse. Being isolated, people tend to have suicidal thoughts.
As has already been mentioned, going out for a walk or somewhere into the park, maybe hiking into the woods is a brilliant idea to stop worrying and just enjoy the world around you, enjoy the nature, connect with nature. Moreover, you may do it with your close people, including breathing techniques.
It might sound rubbish, you respond to that ‘yeah, right’ but at least try to, try to think positively. No one is able to make you. All the problems are in our heads. Jot down and think it over. Find positive about the situation. There is always somebody whose situation is worse than yours – people, who are sick; homeless people; drunkards and drug addicts with no family…
Do not be afraid to dream, to wish for things. You might not happen to get it right away or anytime soon but allow yourself to fancy and to go after your dream. In case it does not help and lasts for too long, a help of a professional is needed but then again, do not fear to ask for help.
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