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Does Homeopathy & Natural Medicine work?

Does Homeopathy Work? I have now given up with standard medication, to be honest. I still take my levothyroxine don’t get me wrong because I know how dangerous it would be for me to stop taking my medications. However! … Since November 2014, I have had my thyroid totally removed, and my gallbladder removed,  frankly,… Continue reading Does Homeopathy & Natural Medicine work?

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Probiotics – Good or Bad?

Are they good or bad for us?This is my story of how I have found Probiotics and whether they have worked for me or not.I have suffered from IBS and Gastrointestinal issues for as long as I can remember, Most recently my issues have included the Helicobacter (H.Pylori) bug and Gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD).About a… Continue reading Probiotics – Good or Bad?