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Pressure King Pro – Cooking made simple!

The pressure king pro is so much more than just a pressure cooker. You can pretty much cook anything in it. Rice, pasta, curries, soups, a whole turkey or chicken, meat from frozen. You name it you can cook it and in minutes not hours!

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Join the movement – It’s Time For Unrest

Unrest Review: Jen was diagnosed with 'conversion disorder' originally and then later, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Rather than just sit and worry about her condition, Jen started filming and documenting all her symptoms, because she believed that "someone should see this." Unrest is the result of these documentations.

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Bladder Issues, Fibromyalgia & Me

Please note this post may contain content that some people may find is TMI!Out of the number of issues I have gone through with my autoimmune diseases and muscle problems, one of the worst (and newest); problems I have come up against, is not sleeping at night due to frequent bathroom trips!I have had 'regular’… Continue reading Bladder Issues, Fibromyalgia & Me

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7 Reasons Why It Is Hard Having A Chronic Illness

Life with an invisible illness to anyone that doesn't live with one is impossible to understand." How can people who have an ordinary well functioning immune system possibly understand what life is like? The answer - They can't. I have created a list of daily issues that people with chronic illness go through to try… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why It Is Hard Having A Chronic Illness

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5 Top Ways to Help Relieve TMJ Pain

How can you prevent TMJ pain when you have a chronic illness?Here are my top 5 methods of helping TMJ issues. (Please note that none of this is intended as professional medical advice. If you decide to do any of these things mentioned, please consult a Dentist before hand). A biteguardThis is the most recommended treatment… Continue reading 5 Top Ways to Help Relieve TMJ Pain