Can a change be as good as rest?

I have another fantastic Guest Blog from Emma at Not Just Tired, she talks about whether a change of scenery can be good for our health. Emma is also a chronic illness blogger and fellow Spoonie. She blogs about her conditions ME and CFS and how to ‘live as well as you can’ with them.Read more

Interview With A Chronic Voice

I am so chuffed that I got to do this! I have been a follower of Sheryl @Achronicvoice for a long time now and am really excited she agreed to let me interview her! Something I haven’t done before!. So here it is the full interview: Interview with A Chronic Voice (LUCY) Hello, Sheryl. ThanksRead more

Probiotics – Good or Bad?

Are they good or bad for us? This is my story of how I have found Probiotics and whether they have worked for me or not. I have suffered from IBS and Gastrointestinal issues for as long as I can remember, Most recently my issues have included the Helicobacter (H.Pylori) bug and Gastroesophageal reflux disorderRead more

Too Ill Too Conceive?

I will be completely honest with you. This is a very difficult post for me to write, and probably one of the more difficult subjects. Being chronically ill is hard enough. Trying to battle all the internal feelings of feeling like shit all the time and trying to summon the energy to get out ofRead more