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Does Homeopathy & Natural Medicine work?

Does Homeopathy Work? I have now given up with standard medication, to be honest. I still take my levothyroxine don’t get me wrong because I know how dangerous it would be for me to stop taking my medications. However! … Since November 2014, I have had my thyroid totally removed, and my gallbladder removed,  frankly,… Continue reading Does Homeopathy & Natural Medicine work?

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Chronic Illness Bloggers – Blogger Of The Week

I am so honored to have been picked as 'Blogger Of The Week' on Chronic Illness Bloggers! This is such an amazing feeling and shows that this blog is doing what it was designed to do. Getting the word out and spreading awareness!Here is my full interview!Blogger of the Week: Lucy at ‘The Thyroid Damsel’Each… Continue reading Chronic Illness Bloggers – Blogger Of The Week

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NDT – Is it a miracle cure for thyroid patients?

Would Thyroid patients feel better if they were treated with Natural Thyroid rather than Synthroid? Natural Desiccated Thyroid or NDT as it is more commonly known amongst Thyroid patients, is some what known as the best alternative option for Synthroid or synthetic thyroid such as Levothyroxine. In England, NDT is not widely prescribed on the… Continue reading NDT – Is it a miracle cure for thyroid patients?

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7 Reasons Why It Is Hard Having A Chronic Illness

Life with an invisible illness to anyone that doesn't live with one is impossible to understand." How can people who have an ordinary well functioning immune system possibly understand what life is like? The answer - They can't. I have created a list of daily issues that people with chronic illness go through to try… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why It Is Hard Having A Chronic Illness

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No More Gluten

Coeliac disease has been confirmed!So, after many years of chronic stomach pains, and bouts of constipation, and other stomach issues, I have officially been diagnosed with Coeliac disease.My medical notes are now reading like a whos who of chronic illnesses! :)Getting an official diagnosis of a coeliac, has not been an easy road. It has,… Continue reading No More Gluten