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Can you work with a chronic illness?

Can you work and be chronically ill? As a Trainee Dental Nurse (now fully qualified) 2 years ago I was working and training, working 50 + hours a week 6 days a week. After 18 months it took its toll on me. I was constantly tired and getting run down, and I was finding that… Continue reading Can you work with a chronic illness?

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Abandoned by the medical professionals

Abandoned by the medicsSince being diagnosed with Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism) I have been personally looking at the reasons why so many people I have spoken to seem to have one autoimmune disease, and then boom, another one, then another.There doesn’t seem to be such a thing as “one autoimmune disease”.Then whilst watching Izabella Wentz on… Continue reading Abandoned by the medical professionals

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7 Reasons Why It Is Hard Having A Chronic Illness

Life with an invisible illness to anyone that doesn't live with one is impossible to understand." How can people who have an ordinary well functioning immune system possibly understand what life is like? The answer - They can't. I have created a list of daily issues that people with chronic illness go through to try… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why It Is Hard Having A Chronic Illness

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No More Gluten

Coeliac disease has been confirmed!So, after many years of chronic stomach pains, and bouts of constipation, and other stomach issues, I have officially been diagnosed with Coeliac disease.My medical notes are now reading like a whos who of chronic illnesses! :)Getting an official diagnosis of a coeliac, has not been an easy road. It has,… Continue reading No More Gluten