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Join the movement – It’s Time For Unrest

Unrest Review: Jen was diagnosed with 'conversion disorder' originally and then later, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Rather than just sit and worry about her condition, Jen started filming and documenting all her symptoms, because she believed that "someone should see this." Unrest is the result of these documentations.

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Like a folded piece of paper – A guest post

If you're interested in the words of a mom, wife, career woman, and chronic pain warrior with a history of surgeries and a penchant for worst case scenario anxiety, I invite you to join me on my journey.

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Medical Mystery Musings – Patience & Purpose

Recently, I have been lacking a little bit in creative content and having quite a few pain flare ups and brain fog. Something I know you will all understand!Unfortunately, this has meant my blog has become a little neglected and I haven't had the time to write the content I want.This is why I love… Continue reading Medical Mystery Musings – Patience & Purpose

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7 Things To Do When The Pain Gets Too Much – A Guest Post

Kelly is a fantastic Blogger at Moonglotexas and has kindly allowed me to showcase one of her blog posts. Kellys' blog focuses on looking for joy despite the pain and limitations of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Her blog focuses on things that bring joy or ways that she finds to cope with CRPS which she… Continue reading 7 Things To Do When The Pain Gets Too Much – A Guest Post

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Graves Disease – Australian Style!

I have a fantastic guest post from Marie-Louise Pawsey from Australia! She is a lifestyle and dating coach from Down Under. All her social links for you to follow her brilliant blog are included below!Marie-Louise also has Graves Disease, like me - here she tells her story of how she got diagnosed and what life… Continue reading Graves Disease – Australian Style!

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Life With Vitiligo

What is life like living with the skin disorder - Vitiligo?Emma Corrine, a fantastic blogger, has agreed to share her story of living with Vitiligo with The Thyroid Damsel. Emma is a UK Based Lifestyle, Fashion, Photography; Self Development Blogger. (Links to follow her blog are below)My Vitiligo StoryThe BeginningI can’t remember the exact age… Continue reading Life With Vitiligo

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NDT – Is it a miracle cure for thyroid patients?

Would Thyroid patients feel better if they were treated with Natural Thyroid rather than Synthroid? Natural Desiccated Thyroid or NDT as it is more commonly known amongst Thyroid patients, is some what known as the best alternative option for Synthroid or synthetic thyroid such as Levothyroxine. In England, NDT is not widely prescribed on the… Continue reading NDT – Is it a miracle cure for thyroid patients?

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7 Reasons Why It Is Hard Having A Chronic Illness

Life with an invisible illness to anyone that doesn't live with one is impossible to understand." How can people who have an ordinary well functioning immune system possibly understand what life is like? The answer - They can't. I have created a list of daily issues that people with chronic illness go through to try… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why It Is Hard Having A Chronic Illness

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No More Gluten

Coeliac disease has been confirmed!So, after many years of chronic stomach pains, and bouts of constipation, and other stomach issues, I have officially been diagnosed with Coeliac disease.My medical notes are now reading like a whos who of chronic illnesses! :)Getting an official diagnosis of a coeliac, has not been an easy road. It has,… Continue reading No More Gluten