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Like a folded piece of paper – A guest post

If you're interested in the words of a mom, wife, career woman, and chronic pain warrior with a history of surgeries and a penchant for worst case scenario anxiety, I invite you to join me on my journey.

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OCD – Not just For Cinderella’s of the world

OCD does not always manifest itself in the way of making someone a clean freak or a horder - it can be much more subtle than that and creep up on you over time.

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Bipolar, Mental Health & Thyroid – Is there a link?

For a while now, I have been thinking that there is something not quite right with me. I have previously passed this off as my thyroid levels being a little bit out of whack and causing me problems.Lately however, I have been feeling not quite myself, even more so than normal.My head has been all… Continue reading Bipolar, Mental Health & Thyroid – Is there a link?

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Can you work with a chronic illness?

Can you work and be chronically ill? As a Trainee Dental Nurse (now fully qualified) 2 years ago I was working and training, working 50 + hours a week 6 days a week. After 18 months it took its toll on me. I was constantly tired and getting run down, and I was finding that… Continue reading Can you work with a chronic illness?

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Does Meditation Work for Chronic Illness

Does Meditation work for Anxiety? As someone who suffers anxiety and gets stressed easily, I started looking into alternatives to just prescribed medications.  My Mum is a Buddhist and this has helped her, so I started to look into meditation and mindfulness techniques.We have a poster in my living room and the saying on it… Continue reading Does Meditation Work for Chronic Illness

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Coping with Anxiety – A Guest Post from Melisa

What is anxiety?If you have troubles sleeping, eating, if you are being in a state of constant worries seeing no way out – this is an anxiety you feel.Problems at work, in personal life or with relatives/friends can be the reasons why. There is a way out and not even one. Let us look closer… Continue reading Coping with Anxiety – A Guest Post from Melisa

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5 Top Ways to Help Relieve TMJ Pain

How can you prevent TMJ pain when you have a chronic illness?Here are my top 5 methods of helping TMJ issues. (Please note that none of this is intended as professional medical advice. If you decide to do any of these things mentioned, please consult a Dentist before hand). A biteguardThis is the most recommended treatment… Continue reading 5 Top Ways to Help Relieve TMJ Pain

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Losing Friends and Alienating People

How do you maintain friendships when you're too sick to go out?    I've never really had too many friends, even when I was at school.   I had two very close friends that I grew up with. By the time I was in my late teens and we had discovered boyfriends we slowly grew… Continue reading Losing Friends and Alienating People