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Blogmas Day 8

Don’t neglect your teeth this Christmas!

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The festive season is upon us, and I know that most peoples homes will be filled with sweets, treats, cakes and alcohol!

However, this is not the time to forget about your oral health care!

So here are my top tips for keeping your pearly whites, pearly white!

Clean your teeth with Interdental products

You look after the inside of your body, so look after the inside of your teeth! Even though cleaning your teeth on the surfaces you can see is great, it will not get rid of food trapping between or plaque build up between the teeth! Use floss or my favourite, interdental brushes!

They come in different sizes – so depending on how big the space between your teeth you may need a few different sizes. Speak to your dentist or hygienist and they can advise what is the best size.


Beware the acid attacks

At Christmas time, you will probably be having a lot of treats. In order to give your teeth the best protection you possibly can, it is best to try and have the naughty foods at meal times. When you have something to eat, it alters the pH balance in your mouth. If you are constantly snacking on things then this means the pH balance will never return to a neutral safe level. This is why it is best to eat the treats just at meals times.


Don’t Rinse After Brushing

This may sound like a strange one but I can assure you it is the best thing to do. When you brush your teeth, the toothpaste you use has various beneficial properties included in it. If you rinse straight after brushing, then you have basically just rinsed away all the goodness of the toothpaste.

Give the toothpaste 30 minutes and then go back and rinse.


Don’t Open Bottles With Your Teeth

Your out, you have a beer, its christmas…and then horror, you realise you don’t have a bottle opener!

Do NOT I repeat, Do NOT open the bottle with your teeth.

This is so bad for your teeth, and you run the risk or so many issues, including breaking fillings, breaking your teeth, cutting yourself. The list is endless. Just don’t do it!


Be careful with “knock off, cheap whitening products!”

At Christmas, scammers are always out in force.

Do not believe everything you read and fall for “you can get brilliant white teeth, use this product scam!”

Not only do they not work, they can also really damage your teeth. They can damage enamel and cause sensitivity or permanent damage. They can contain dangerous products that are bad for your health.

If you want your teeth whitened see a reputable Dentist. Only Dentists who are registered with the General Dental Council (UK) are legally allowed to perform whitening.

Even these Multi level schemes selling toothpaste and whitening products are doing it illegally.


Drink with a straw

If your going to drink fizzy, or sugary drinks, as a Dental Nurse I should advise you to stay away and drink water!

I know that is unrealistic though!

So, when your drinking, use a straw! It stops a lot of the sugar and drink from hitting your teeth and staying in your mouth for longer than necessary.


Ask Santa for an electric toothbrush!

When it comes to your oral health, an electric toothbrush really is a fantastic option. They are so much better than manual toothbrushes and do the work for you. At Christmas you can get some really amazing bargains as well.

Finally… Enjoy Christmas!

But whatever you do, don’t try this, when you have had a few too many! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

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None of the information contained in this post should be used as medical advice. If your suffering with dental issues over Christmas please seek out your local Dentist or contact 111 (UK).

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  2. Very interesting! I had not heard of all those tips before.

    This is the first time I had heard the Ph thing.

    I was shocked to see teeth whitening booths in the mall here in the US a few years ago. Very strange to see dental chairs out in the middle of a shopping mall, LOL. I don’t think the people running that business were dentists. I wondered at the time if that was even legal.

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