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On the second day of Blogmas…

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On The Second Day Of Blogmas

I have for you….

An absolutely amazing gluten free nut roast!

Blogmas Nut Roast

If you’re like me, a vegetarian Coeliac, just to be doubly awkward. You will know how hard it is finding something to eat for Christmas dinner.

Normally I have a nut roast or something similar. This is my first year being a diagnosed Coeliac. As I looked around the supermarkets, I realised all my favour roasts had gluten grains and I could no longer have them!

Then I found this from Artisan Grains

So before Christmas Day, I had this as part of a Sunday dinner so that I could try it first.

All I can really say is WOW.

Blogmas Nut Roast

Blogmas Nut Roast

I know those pictures don’t do the product justice. When we got the roast out the cooking box, part of it broke.

I must stress this was our mistake, not the products.

As both myself and my Mum tucked into this roast, we both looked at each other and uttered the words….


I think we were both expecting the roast to be bland or dry. It was neither.




Are just a few words I could use.

I am so excited to have found the roast because I was really starting to panic about what I could eat Christmas Day.

Having Cranberries and cashews and mushrooms included in the ingredients, makes this nut roast my top choice for your Very Veggie Christmas!

If you would like to purchase an Artisan Nut Roast for your Christmas dinner (or any other time of the year), just click the link below!


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