NDT – Is it a miracle cure for thyroid patients?

Would Thyroid patients feel better if they were treated with Natural Thyroid rather than Synthroid? Natural Desiccated Thyroid or NDT as it is more commonly known amongst Thyroid patients, is some what known as the best alternative option for Synthroid or synthetic thyroid such as Levothyroxine. In England, NDT is not widely prescribed on theRead more

No More Gluten

Coeliac disease has been confirmed! So, after many years of chronic stomach pains, and bouts of constipation, and other stomach issues, I have officially been diagnosed with Coeliac disease. My medical notes are now reading like a whos who of chronic illnesses! šŸ™‚ Getting an official diagnosis of a coeliac, has not been an easyRead more

Coping with Anxiety – A Guest Post from Melisa

What is anxiety? If you have troubles sleeping, eating, if you are being in a state of constant worries seeing no way out ā€“ this is an anxiety you feel. Problems at work, in personal life or with relatives/friends can be the reasons why. There is a way out and not even one. Let usRead more

August 2017 Link Up with A Chronic Voice

Sheryl from A Chronic Voice has started a link up for people with Chronic Illnesses to get together and share different thoughts and feelings on different subjects. So what do you need to do to get involved? Firstly go to this link  A Chronic Voice Link Up Follow these instructions: All you have to doRead more

5 Top Ways to Help Relieve TMJ Pain

How can you prevent TMJ pain when you have a chronic illness? Here are my top 5 methods of helping TMJ issues.  (Please note that none of this is intended as professional medical advice. If you decide to do any of these things mentioned, please consult a Dentist before hand). A biteguard This is theRead more

Endometriosis – My Story

What is life like with Endometriosis?  Jessica, From Mrs. Pennington For You Thoughts, tells her story here. Hello! Iā€™m Jessica from the Mrs. Pennington for Your Thoughts blog! I was so excited when Lucy messaged me and asked if Iā€™d share my story about life with endometriosis! I started blogging specifically to share my storyRead more

What happens at a benefits assessment?

My PIP Assessment, what happened? What was the outcome? This is what happened at my PIP assessment (face to face) on the 20th April 2017. For the assessment, I was asked to attend a venue in the city center of Birmingham! – which is around 20 miles away! After checking online before the date andRead more

In sickness and in health

Can we build a successful relationship even when sickness tries to prevent us? Or is it futile to keep trying? One of the main wedding vows, most couples say to each other, are the immortal words ‘I promise to love you in sickness and in health.’ How realistic is it though to actually expect our partners toRead more