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A Letter To My Endocrinologist

A letter to my Endocrinologist

This was a letter I submitted to my endocrinologist. I have posted it below so others can use it as a template if they would like to. I have been suffering from symptoms of hypothyroidism for a long time without anybody apparently knowing the reason why, following on from my Total Thyroidectomy, I am now more determined than ever to do whatever is necessary to find the true cause, and hope that you will work with me. I am in agony with muscle and joint pain and extreme fatigue.
I am very happy with my endocrinologist and everything she has done for me since my diagnosis, however, I am still experiencing chronic pain and I don’t feel like Levothyroxine is the best method of treatment for me.
Please do not take this letter as me trying to tell you how to do your job, as that is far from my intention. I just want to stress that I am in chronic pain and it is affecting my job and my life. I live on a cocktail of self-prescribed treatments, such as effervescent co-codamol, and was prescribed Dihydrocodeine by my GP, unfortunately, these do not suit me and made me incredibly nauseous. Although I am now within ‘normal’ range, I am still experiencing the following list of symptoms more so than ever before.
The present symptoms I am suffering are – Excessive Tiredness- Severe Muscle and Joint Pain- Plantar Fascitis- Alcohol Intolerance- Fertility Issues- IBS- Mental Sluggishness Nightmares- Trouble Sleeping- Dry Eyes- Blurred Vision- Cold Sweats- Night Sweats- Palpitations- Trembling- Repeated UTI’s- Heavy Eyelids.
Whilst doing my own research and joining Thyroid UK – I have read about NDT( Natural Dessicated Thyroid), which provides both T3 and T4 components. This is a natural treatment, but many people who have graves or hypothyroidism have stated that they felt 100 times better since they started their treatments with NDT. Although I know this is not in the MIMS for prescriptions, I understand it can be prescribed on a Named Patient Basis, If you are prepared to help me and let me trial it to see if it helps me. I believe following my research and according to my GP who I saw this week, when I went to ask for some pain relief due to the constant severe pain I am in. My Free T4 is too high, over the range and my Free T3 is low, it should b in the top quarter, 5.2 and up would be better. My Free T4 is too high, may mean I’m not converting T4 properly. So if possible I would also like to request a reverse t3 test to check if this is the case.
Please, would you arrange for me to have the tests to check my levels of TPO and Tg antibodies as well as free T4 and free T3? I have also learned that there are specific minerals and vitamins that should be checked to see whether any are low in the reference range as low levels can stop thyroid hormone from being fully utilized at the cellular level. Would you please arrange for my levels of iron, transferrin saturation%, ferritin, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, magnesium, folate, copper, and zinc levels to be tested? I would appreciate a copy of the results together with the reference range for each test done, please. I have attached my levels from my latest results below.

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